They see me rollin’, They hatin’!


Giving our jobsites a little more support, our IPS Safety Team van will be stopping by with extra safety related items! Each of our jobsites are fully prepared with PPE (safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs), equipment, first aid supplies, etc., but it’s always nice to have backup just in case.

Another way we are staying safe and meeting our goal of being 100% incident free, is with our STEEL TOE program. This recognizes individuals who submits safety observations, both safe acts & unsafe hazards. Encouraging the reporting of potential hazards and catching them early likely prevents an incident from occurring. These are just some of the programs IPS has in place to keep our jobsites safe!

Our safety team consists of Bill Norris, Larry Porter, Matt Oehlers, Mark Baker, Shawn Stevens, Ken Kilman, and Marcus Aldridge.