BGSU – Moore Musical Center-2

Moore Musical Center

BGSU - Bowling Green, Ohio

IPS was contracted to do interior demolition and replace existing ductwork in the Moore Musical Center on the BGSU campus. The duct replacement project had a $2.6 million budget. IPS was selected as the contractor for this Design/Build project. This included design replacement for an existing fiberglass duct system that was deteriorating.

IPS did a study to determine how much of the existing system needed to be replaced, and to find out if the drawings for the system were accurate. The study revealed the drawings were not correct and much of the system that was initially identified to be replaced only needed to be cleaned. When bid packages went out for bid, IPS bid them in a way to create maximum amounts of completion for the duct and architectural work. Between the aggressive bidding strategic and the revised scope, IPS saved BGSU over $1 million dollars. With the savings they were able to do additional duct work and increased efficiencies of the roof top duct system by providing additional installation on this exposed duct work.