Responsibilities Qualifications
  • Preparing, scheduling, coordinating, and
    monitoring of assigned engineering projects
  • Formulating project parameters, assigning
    responsibilities ,and monitoring the project team
  • Interacting with clients, interpreting their needs and requirements
  • Performing quality control tasks on budget,
    schedules, plans, and personnel performance and reporting on the project’s status
  • Cooperating and communicating with the project manager and rest of the project team
  • Reviewing the engineering tasks and initiating the necessary corrective actions
  • Developing specifications for the project’s
    needed equipment
  • Creating frameworks to measure the project’s metrics and data collection
  • Ensuring the project’s compliance with the
    applicable codes, practices, policies, performance standards, and specifications
  • Bachelors degree in engineering or related field
  • 2+ years of field and project planning experience
  • Excellent computer literacy and knowledge of design and visualization software
  • Ability to work with multiple discipline projects
  • Project management and supervision skills
  • Excellent organizational, time management,
    leadership, and decision-making skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of applicable codes, policies,
    standards, and best practices







Salary Details

  • Pay range: $50,000-$65,000
  • STIP bonus eligible if assigned out of town for a long term project – $1,100 a month plus potential travel home budget of $500 a month
  • Additional benefits: healthcare, 401k, etc.