Project Scope:
In 2006, Sunoco Refinery signed an agreement with the U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA that required Sunoco to invest money toward pollution control and expansion which allows Sunoco to increase its refining capacity while adding air pollution control equipment. Sunoco plans to modify two crude units and the fluid catalytic cracking unit to allow additional production of petroleum products, including gasoline & distillates. The additional pollution controls will result in significant reductions in nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide emissions from the facility. A part of the second phase of the agreement is the installation of an additional Sulfur Recovery Unit. This new Sulfur Recovery Unit will maintain continuous removal of sulfur from the refinery processes during outages out the existing Sulfur Recovery Unit. The new installation will enhance the existing Sulfur Recovery Unit with the addition of a new Tail Gas Unit. IPS is responsible for the installation of a new Sulfur Recovery Unit which includes Two Tail Gas Units and One Incinerator. This includes the installation of 13 modules, reactors, pumps, shell/tube exchangers, fin fan exchangers, towers and pressure vessels. With the equipment installation, IPS performed the piping fabrication, pipe installation, electrical, instrumentation, insulation and structural.

IPS was able to make the upgrades and repairs to all of the terminals concurrently while keeping the Sunoco fully operational so they could continue to meet the demands of their customers.

$38mil. Total Construction
$28mil. Project Cost
12/2009 Completion Date
10 Project Duration
General Contracting Delivery Method

Project Scope:
IPS and ANR Pipeline negotiated a Master Service Agreement for the maintenance and improvement of site facilities, boilers and piping at the ANR Defiance compressor station.
Specific projects include:
• Compressor and ancillary components installation
• Install piping
• Install electrical, controls and instrumentation

IPS provided 24/7 maintenance services to ANR ensure optimal operation of the compressor station. This relationship was formed over a several year period and IPS took on more and more maintenance responsibilities over time.

N/A Delivery Method
Year to Year Delivery Method
Maintenance Service Agreement Delivery Method
N/A Total Construction
N/A Project Cost
N/A Completion Date
Year to Year Project Duration
Maintenance Service Agreement Delivery Method

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