Project Scope:

Markwest Energy Partners, LP is a publicly traded company that specializes in the gathering, processing, and transportation of natural gas; transportation, fractionation, storage, and marketing of NGLs; and the gathering and transportation of crude oil. Markwest initiated this project in order to increase capacity at the Cadiz II facility with an additional 60 million cubic feet per day of processing capability.

IPS was contracted to erect and install all of the Owner-supplied UOP Russel equipment and pre-fabricated pipe.  IPS was responsible for the fabrication and installation of the balance of plant piping.  IPS installed over 16,000 lf of pipe ranging in size from ½-inch to 30-inch in diameter.


The design was not yet complete when IPS proposed on the project, requiring IPS to bid the work using a compilation of multiple other projects.  IPS was fabricating pipe as drawings were being released from the engineer.  In order to meet the accelerated schedule IPS had five fabrication facilities throughout North America working simultaneously on the project.  During peak capacity, IPS had 90 craftspeople working on site – 2 shifts, 7 days a week.

$500mil. Total Construction
$10.3mil. Project Cost
11/2014 Completion Date
6 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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