Project Scope:

At the end of 2005, Marathon Ashland Petroleum (MAP) reached an important milestone when a reactor vessel for the new 33,000 bpd gas oil hydrotreater was set in place at its refinery in Detroit. This $300 million project increased Detroit’s throughput capacity to 100,000 bpd and allowed Detroit to meet the Tier II clean fuels requirements for gasoline and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel that became fully effective in 2006.

IPS was selected to install all of the piping associated with this project. We installed on- and off-module piping, performed field welds and bolt ups, installed all instrumentation and steam tracing. IPS was also responsible for heater burner management systems, process piping, heater instrumentation, testing and commissioning, non-destructive testing, hydro-testing, and systems turnover. Small bore piping was both fabricated and installed by IPS.

$300mil. Total Construction
$7mil. Project Cost
2006 Completion Date
8 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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