The IPS Fabrication facility is a 100,000 SF space outfitted with the very latest in specialty welding equipment for carbon, chrome, stainless and various other alloys. IPS has the ability to work from a diverse range of specifications and materials, and the capabilities to provide fabrication to owners, engineers, and construction firms throughout North America.
IPS has the knowledge and expertise to take a project from concept to completion.

Shop and Equipment Capabilities:
With experience spanning all industries from refineries to healthcare, IPS is able to fabricate pipe spools, manifolds, pressure vessels, pump skids, valve stations, fixtures, and modules to expedite the construction process. As an added benefit, the IPS fabrication facility allows the work to be completed in a controlled environment, increasing productivity and safety.

Floor Space: 100,000 SF
Cranes: (2) 10-Ton Overhead Crane
(1) 5-Ton Overhead Crane
(11) 1-Ton Jib Cranes
Equipment: (16) Weld Stations
(2) Miller Plasma Arc Cutting Machines
(1) Vernon Panograph Cut Table
(2) Tack Areas
(5) Test Stations
Standard End Prepping Equipment

Medical Gas Certified
Member of AWS and PFI
DOT OQ Pipeline Certified

40351 Total Shop Hours 2014:
Unfired Pressure Vessels U Stamp:
Boiler Assembly A Stamp:
Power Piping S Stamp:
N/A MONTHS Project Duration
Boiler & Pressure Vessel R&A R Stamp:

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