Project Scope:

Husky Energy, formerly Premcor Refinery, is a large Canadian oil company with reserves and refineries in Canada and the United States. In 2005 IPS built a sulfur recovery unit with one tail gas unit. The sulfur recovery unit removes sulfur from the refining process in a state that can be used by other manufacturers in their processes.

IPS was the general contractor responsible for the total construction of the sulfur recovery unit. IPS managed subcontractors to do the civil work-site preparation, underground piping, and foundations. IPS self-performed the equipment setting – 22 equipment and piping modules, an incinerator, a catalytic reactor, a RIE building, one tail gas unit and various towers, filters, drums and reactors. IPS also performed all off-module piping (over 12,000 feet) and installed over 120 piping spools. IPS was responsible for commissioning the start-up.

N/A Total Construction
$14mil. Project Cost
No expansion Facility Size
2005 Completion Date
9 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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