Project Scope:

In a continued effort to increase plant efficiencies, Husky hired IPS to install a system that would eliminate nearly all of the existing atmospherically vented butane through a series of pressure safety valves. The process protects butane storage spheres from overfilling and collects excess butane vapor and liquids.

In the first stage of this project, IPS installed a 10-in flare collection header to capture and route the vented butane. The gas that is collected is then transferred to a newly installed 17,000-gal heated KO drum to ensure vaporization.

Over 5,000 FT of new flare line was installed on nearly two hundred new 25-FT tall pipe supports in and around the Butane areas and along existing pipe racks. Approximately 80 existing atmospheric butane vents will ultimately be connected to the flare line, which will protect venting from the two butane spheres, five butane bullets, the coalescers, and the butane caverns.


Working within a refinery requires strict attention to detail and tight safety controls. IPS assigned an onsite safety manager to oversee all safety aspects and ensure proper procedures were followed when working with crane operations, rigging, and at various heights. Work was completed on time and with zero safety incidents.

$3mil. Total Construction
$1.97mil. Project Cost
12/2010 Completion Date
8 Project Duration
Bid build Delivery Method

Project Scope:
IPS and ANR Pipeline negotiated a Master Service Agreement for the maintenance and improvement of site facilities, boilers and piping at the ANR Defiance compressor station.
Specific projects include:
• Compressor and ancillary components installation
• Install piping
• Install electrical, controls and instrumentation

IPS provided 24/7 maintenance services to ANR ensure optimal operation of the compressor station. This relationship was formed over a several year period and IPS took on more and more maintenance responsibilities over time.

N/A Delivery Method
Year to Year Delivery Method
Maintenance Service Agreement Delivery Method
N/A Total Construction
N/A Project Cost
N/A Completion Date
Year to Year Project Duration
Maintenance Service Agreement Delivery Method

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