Project Scope:

The Troy Energy Power Plant is a natural gas-powered electrical generation facility that produces 688 MW of power, which it sells to utility companies at peak demand times.

IPS served as the General Contractor for the new construction of the single-cycle peaking plant in Luckey, Ohio. The project involved the installation of (4) GE Frame 7 Turbine Generators (172 MW each).

IPS was responsible for laying concrete foundations, installing underground piping and electrical systems, BOP piping, BOP electrical, inlet exhaust duct system, fire protection systems, installation of all centerline equipment, centerline piping and electrical, centerline fire suppression system, instrumentation, high voltage duct, calibration, operation, and maintenance building construction.

$234mil. Total Construction
$36mil. Project Cost
N/A Completion Date
12 Project Duration
design Bid buildDe Delivery Method

Project Scope:
IPS and ANR Pipeline negotiated a Master Service Agreement for the maintenance and improvement of site facilities, boilers and piping at the ANR Defiance compressor station.
Specific projects include:
• Compressor and ancillary components installation
• Install piping
• Install electrical, controls and instrumentation

IPS provided 24/7 maintenance services to ANR ensure optimal operation of the compressor station. This relationship was formed over a several year period and IPS took on more and more maintenance responsibilities over time.

N/A Delivery Method
Year to Year Delivery Method
Maintenance Service Agreement Delivery Method
N/A Total Construction
N/A Project Cost
N/A Completion Date
Year to Year Project Duration
Maintenance Service Agreement Delivery Method

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