Project Scope:

Municipal solid waste contains significant organic materials that produce a variety of gaseous products – primarily carbon dioxide and methane – that are dumped, compacted, and covered in landfills. In the case of the Lorain County Landfill, the gas was refined and converted into a renewable energy source.  The energy source was then recycled into the energy grid and provides a cost savings for the landfill.

IPS was selected by Energy Developments, Inc. (EDI) to perform the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning for the power station expansion project at EDI’s Lorain County Landfill.  This expansion adds an additional 16 MW of power generation to the existing system, giving it a total capacity of 26.9 MW.  The power station received an additional 6,000 SCFM of landfill gas.

IPS completed all site work, concrete foundations, equipment setting, pre-engineered metal buildings, carpentry, mechanical, piping, electrical, and controls work for a complete turnkey and functional power station.  Scope of work items included installation of: 10 CAT 3520 engines; one Parker GES1200 duplex siloxane removal skid; gas conditioning equipment including pre-cooler unit, blowers, air coolers, heat exchangers, and thermal oxidizer off gas flare; and a new 69 KVA substation that was integrated into the existing municipal interconnect.

$23mil. Total Construction
$23mil. Project Cost
20,000sqft Facility Size
9/2012 Completion Date
14 MONTHS Project Duration
N/A Delivery Method

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