Project Scope:

IPS was contracted by Energy Developments, Inc. (EDI) to perform construction and procurement services for the landfill gas (LFG) treatment project at EDI’s Carbon Limestone power station. EDI generates 19.1 MW of electricity through the conversion of 9,600 SCFM of landfill gas.  The landfill gas is produced by decomposing garbage and collected by a series of pipes throughout the landfill for use as a fuel in either a gas engine or gas turbine generators. IPS installed four Parker GES 1500 LFG siloxane removal units in the existing pipeline feeding the engines.

IPS was awarded a GMP contract for the equipment purchase and build-out of this project. The scope of work involved vendor selection and purchase of blowers, coolers, heat exchangers, thermal oxidizer, transformers, and other key components. Construction performed by IPS includes site work, concrete foundations, equipment setting, structural steel, carpentry, mechanical, piping, electrical, and controls.

$4.5mil. Total Construction
$4.5mil. Project Cost
3/2011 Completion Date
8 MONTHS Project Duration
CM at Risk Delivery Method

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