Project Scope:

Tri County Block and Brick is a family-owned business located in Swanton, Ohio, providing quality service to the mason industry since 1953. IPS was called to help troubleshoot production and solve some of their maintenance problems.  IPS was responsible for:

  • Relining (2) Stone Bins with 1/4-inch Corten Plate
  • Replace (2) Dust Collectors on top of two silos over 75’ high.
  • Field fabrication and installation of a new platform
  • Replacement of the existing clutch break system
  • Replacement of conveyor belts, one being over 300-Ft long
  • Replacement of several conveyor rollers on separate conveyor lines
  • Electrical replacement of lights and fixtures, and installation of new conduit lines throughout the plant.

IPS has been able to beat out the local competition by being responsive to their needs/requests and raising their standards of field service. IPS’ experienced Millwrights and Electricians continue to serve Tri- County Block and Brick on an “as-needed” basis and assist with keeping their production running efficiently.


IPS kept their plant fully operational as they replaced equipment and did electrical upgrades. IPS helped Tri- County keep up with their demanding workload by working second shift to allow it possible for Tri-County to keep running during the days and complete crucial maintenance tasks during the evenings through their busy season.

N/A Total Construction
N/A Project Cost
97,500SF Facility Size
11/2016 Completion Date
2 MONTHS Project Duration
N/A Delivery Method

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