Project Scope:

After 40+ years in service, the existing material base machine at Johns Manville (JM) Plant 7 had reached the end of its useful life and required replacement. The new, upgraded mat line forming section being introduced to the facility as a replacement was substantially larger in size than the original machine. To accommodate the new line, the Wet End roof was raised on the East End of the facility.  IPS was the Prime Contractor responsible for all Structural, Architectural, and Mechanical work associated with the project.

Modifications to the existing roof height occurred with construction of the new roof structure over the existing roof to allow the mat line to continue operations.  Work during this portion of the project involved the demolition of existing roof fans, setting the bridge crane rails and the overhead crane, installation of new vent fans, gutters, downspouts, roofing insulation, and siding.


The existing roof penetration flashing contained asbestos, and lead based paint was found in the existing roof and building steel.  Lead-based paint abatement was required at each tie-in to the existing building steel. IPS had to significantly reinforce the existing steel to accommodate for the new structure due to engineering issues, this was required to be done before the start. IPS still met schedule deadline.

N/A Total Construction
$2.8mil. Project Cost
760,000SF Facility Size
2016 Completion Date
8 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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