Project Scope:

Johns Manville is a Berkshire Hathaway company that manufactures premium quality building mechanical insulation, roofing, glass fibers, and non-woven materials for commercial, and industrial residential application.

In 2011, Johns Manville contracted IPS to modify eight marble furnaces from natural gas and combustion air, and fired them to oxygen and natural gas for better cost effectiveness and production. IPS engineered, procured, and constructed mechanical and electrical controls systems to allow all eight furnaces to produce off an oxygen-fired system.  IPS erected and assembled an oxygen facility at Plant #7, including the cooling water, combustion air, electrical power, and controls.

Since completing the project, Johns Manville has increased production of several materials by as much as 35 percent.


After all the mechanical and electrical components were installed, IPS ran a two week shutdown, working two shifts to complete the remainder of the process work, test systems, and complete start-up of all new furnaces.

N/A Total Construction
$1.8mil. Project Cost
2011 Completion Date
N/A MONTHS Project Duration
Bid build Delivery Method

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