Project Scope:
Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) is the world’s seventh-largest auto supplier. In 2011 JCI began a $138.5 million expansion of their Holland, Ohio battery plant, nearly doubling the facility size. The project would accommodate conversion of the production line from traditional lead-acid automotive batteries to those with newer absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology.
IPS was contracted to install storage silos, conveyors, structural steel, HVAC, and complete all of the new electrical systems.
The expansion at Johnson Controls allows for more storage capacity and increased deployment of the emerging batteries. The new batteries allow an affordable option for consumers who would like to buy a more fuel-efficient car for little cost up front.

The area where the new equipment was installed was extremely tight, making it difficult for workers and complicating the electrical installation. IPS prepared a comprehensive site logistics and safety plan, detailing work routes and safety procedures to ensure zero interruption to ongoing manufacturing operations.

$138.5mil. Total Construction
$9.2mil. Project Cost
11/2012 Completion Date
18 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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