iWave – keeping your air clean


IPS is a certified installer of the iWave air-purifying device that can be installed onto any air conditioning system. Especially now, during the COVID outbreak and flu season – the iWave can kill bacteria & viruses before they enter your business/home. What does the iWave do?

– safely treats the air throughout your business/home
– kills mold, bacteria, & viruses
– reduces odor from pets, cooking, and other sources
– reduces allergens, smoke, static electricity, and dust in the air
– no maintenance device (no bulb or other parts to replace)

We installed the iWave back in September at our Headquarters (see below). If you’re interested in getting an iWave installed at your facility contact our service group (Rob Voight or Chris Menard) at 419-531-3121 or email ChrisM@IPScontractor.com. You can also visit iWave’s site directly for more information: https://www.iwaveair.com/.