IPS Hosts Dueling Pianos


IPS hosted a “Dueling Pianos” fundraising event in the IPS Auditorium that benefited the Anthony Wayne Varsity Lacrosse Team this weekend.  Drinks and fine food (provided by local restaurant Inky’s Italian) provided the draw while the dueling pianos provided the fun.  “It was a blast,” said IPS President (and proud father of a varsity AW Lax player) Jeremiah Johnson, “if you’ve never seen dueling pianos you’re missing out.”

The event drew over 250 people and raised over $15,000 for the team.  The funds will go towards providing updated and safer equipment, new uniforms, and vital indoor field practice time.  “It was great to see everyone come out for the team,” Johnson went on to say, “and it was great to see our community come together.  I’m also really proud that IPS was able to host and sponsor the event.”  As for who won the duel?  “I’d say it was a draw,” Jeremiah said.