Project Scope:

The CGL3 (continuous galvanizing line) new packaging line bands and wraps the finished coil rolls to customer specifications, which then get loaded onto transfer cars ready for delivery. Our work on this project included excavation and backfill, rebar, concrete pit and walls, underground electrical, and equipment setting.

The new galvanizing line is in response to a growing demand for automotive high strength steel sheets in North America. This line will have a production capacity of 500,000 short tons per year.

3.5 mil. Project Cost
1,500 yds. Concrete Poured
75 tons Rebar Installed
general contracting Delivery Method

Project Scope:

North Star BlueScope Steel is a 50-50 joint venture between BlueScope Steel (Melbourne, Australia) and Cargill, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN). The partnership brings together expertise in electric furnace steel making, slab casting and hot rolling technology in a synchronous flat rolled mini-mill. The steel mill is designed with a unique combination of proven technology to provide our customers a superior hot rolled product.

IPS was the mechanical contractor for installation of a new rolling steel mill at the Delta, Ohio facility. IPS self-performed all piping work and some electrical work.

Additional work in the Wastewater Treatment Building required IPS to install: 3 chillers, 12 large sand filter units, 2 circulating pumps, 2 filtration pumps, drag skimmers, weir pit, gravity settle tank, and associated piping.


The initial design was conceptual only, requiring IPS to work closely with Lockwood Greene, an engineering firm headquartered in North Carolina, to complete the final design. Throughout the design process IPS provided valuable engineering and constructability reviews for all above‑ground and underground piping.

Design-Build Delivery Method
$900MIL. Total Construction
$58MIL. Project Cost
1,500,000SF Facility Size
1996 Completion Date
18 Project Duration
Design-Build Delivery Method

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