Project Scope:

Dart is the world’s largest manufacturer of foam cups and containers, producing about as many as all competitors combined. Building 4, where IPS completed renovations, houses new processing lines for the manufacturing of foam cups, containers, straws, dinnerware, cutlery, etc.

The civil portion of the project included pits, micro pilings and lagging for earth retention, and a dewatering systems to keep the deep pits dry. Our team also installed boilers, chillers, and a water softening system where we installed new pipe for water to run throughout the plant.

IPS has exceeded Dart’s expectations and was awarded additional projects in Pennsylvania and Texas for ventilation upgrades to those facilities.


Majority of this project’s processes are proprietary to Dart Container and cannot be discussed.

$2.8mil. Total Construction
130,000SF Facility Size
6 Project Duration
lump sum Delivery Method

Project Scope:

Fenner Dunlop is the world’s leader in the field of conveyor belting, manufacturing the most comprehensive range of conveyor systems for many industries and applications.

IPS was contracted to provide setting, aligning, and installation services for five (5) process equipment lines: calendar line; steel cord press line; fabric belt press line; inspection line; and laminating line. Scope of work include process piping, process electrical, and equipment installation.

The preplanning for the equipment moves began while the building was being erected. Provisions had to be made for the process piping runs to be integrated within the building and the process electrical runs that had to be embedded within the concrete. Additionally, alignment plates were strategically placed in order to ensure that each individual process line was precisely installed to meet the required tolerances.

IPS was also responsible for the installation of all electrical work in the new building to support the expansion. Planning and pre-work was completed prior to the substation retrofit, which took place during a 72-hour shutdown over Thanksgiving. IPS worked around-the-clock to ensure the substation was available to the customer a full day earlier than required.

9 Delivery Method
design build Delivery Method
$38mil. Total Construction
$3mil. Project Cost
2/2013 Completion Date
9 Project Duration
design build Delivery Method

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