Project Scope:

Miceli Dairy, the second largest ricotta cheese manufacturer in the United States, awarded IPS a $13.38 million design and build contract to expand their processing facility and construct a Visitor Center for entertaining clients and product demonstrations.

Work on the project involved construction of a 41,000 SF plant expansion of Miceli’s current facility to include employee lockers rooms, a break room, maintenance facility, dry storage, coolers, freezers, and loading docks.

The project also included construction of a 6,500 SF expandable Milk Unloading building and an 8,500 SF Visitor Center with Bridge to the main production facility. Site work included over $300,000 of soil remediation and the construction of new infrastructure including new primary power and site water retention.


The existing facility needed to remain fully operational throughout construction in order to meet product demands. IPS developed a comprehensive phasing plan with our schedule that included turning over various components to the owner as they were finished.
Multiple trades were scheduled to complete work concurrently throughout the facility. The project finished on time without any interruption to operations.

$13.38Mil. Total Construction
$13.38Mil. Project Cost
41,000SF Facility Size
8/2012 Completion Date
15 Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

Project Scope:

IPS was contracted to construct a 40,000 square foot addition for Amcor’s plastic blow molding operations. IPS was responsible for the installation of 10,000 feet of process piping (carbon, stainless steel, and PVC). Systems include: process chill water, high/low pressure (600 psi/125 psi) compressed air, process cooling water, process steam, process condensate, and close tolerance process climate controls.

The machinery portion of the contract included the installation of: (3) 750 horse power three stage air compressors, (1) 250 ton process chiller, (1) 1,000 ton cooling tower, (2) 3,500 CFM built up custom air handler, (2) Sidel SBO 20 Blow Molders, (3) palletizing lines, (3) depalletizing lines, 1,000 linear feet of airveyor, and many other material handling and conveyance systems.


Along with a very tight schedule, these process systems had to be installed while the building was still under construction.  IPS also had to overcome the language barrier while working side by side with technicians from France, and Italy.

N/A Delivery Method
6 Delivery Method
Bid Build Delivery Method
N/A Total Construction
$4.5mil. Project Cost
299,000sf Facility Size
N/A Completion Date
6 Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

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