For total package delivery of major projects, IPS specializes in EPC delivery
- engineer, procure, construct.

Why EPC at IPS?

Cost Savings

Providing for the most efficient economy of time and cost, the EPC approach allows our major projects team to partner with design firms from the concept phase throughout the life of the project.  As contrasted from traditional project delivery methods, EPC allows for constructability to be kept in the forefront of the design-build team, keeping the rework and rushed-redesigns of more traditional project delivery methods kept to a minimum.

Project Coordination

Early in the project, we integrate the design and construction teams for improved project coordination.  During the design phase, IPS conducts in-house design reviews and offers feedback relative to the constructability of each project.  During the construction phase, the design team provides additional quality assurance and ensures work is in compliance with the drawings and specifications.

Quick Response

Having both the design and construction team involved for the life of the project provides a quicker resolve to any issues that may occur during construction such as differing site conditions and changes to design objectives.  For the life of your facility, the IPS Service Division can then regularly maintain your facility, ensuring all vital production and manufacturing systems are kept running smoothly.

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