Project Scope:

GM Powertrain made the decision to invest $30.6 million to increase the output capacity of the 6 speed and 8 speed rear wheel drive automatic transmissions at their TTO facility in Toledo, Ohio.

The project included retooling existing equipment, installation of new CNC machines, Slide Conveyors, Washers and Lathes. It also required relocating existing equipment. IPS was contracted to perform the electrical portion of this project. This included demo of existing power feed lines, bus plug installation, new power feeds to equipment and installation of new data lines.


Work was completed under a serious of compressed schedules, made necessary to comply with GM’s production demands. IPS worked with GM to accommodate extremely tight working conditions and without disturbing production. Multiple trades were scheduled concurrently to complete work throughout the facility, and over multiple shutdowns in order to meet schedule constraints.

$30.6mil. Total Construction
$1.0mil. Project Cost
2.0M SF Facility Size
8/2016 Completion Date
18 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method