Project Scope:

In the fall of 2011, Daimler Chrysler announced plans to invest $500 million dollars for expansion of the Toledo North Assembly Plant (TNAP) facility. The expansion project increases the existing body shop footprint by 252,000 SF to allow for production of a new Jeep Sport Utility Vehicle.

IPS was contracted to install all the building utilities, process mains, and complete the plumbing and HVAC for expansion of the body shop.  The scope of the work involved the installation of all sanitary and domestic water; compressed air piping; weld water main; complete ductwork; and HVAC equipment.

The body shop expansion has many sustainable features including energy efficient lighting and building ventilation using direct digital controls to reduce energy consumption.  Whenever production is halted, the building lighting, supply fans, and exhausts are set back to reduce natural gas and electricity costs.


Work was completed under a compressed schedule, made necessary in order to begin production of new model-year vehicles in time for the 2014 roll-out.  Multiple trades were scheduled concurrently to complete work throughout the facility, and over multiple shifts in order to meet schedule constraints.

$500Mil. Total Construction
$1.4Mil. Project Cost
3.6M SF Facility Size
4/2013 Completion Date
10 MONTHS Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method