Lunch-In with IPS 2020 Spring Co-Op/Intern Team


The IPS Co-Op/Intern Spring 2020 Team recently had their first lunch-in where they got to know their fellow Co-Op/Intern teammates by sharing their experiences so far. “Starting out in a new company as a current or recent student can be intimidating,” said Kris Gray, IPS’ Co-Op/Internship Director, “so we thought it’d be really beneficial to get the group together so that they could see there were other people in the same circumstances.”

The group shared what projects they were currently working on and what they had learned so far. “After lunch, I challenged the group to push themselves. I let them know that I am expecting them to make mistakes, it’s the only way they’ll know they’re pushing themselves enough, learning only comes from getting challenged.” Then, to help let their guard, Kris challenged the group with an improv game. “By the end, everyone was laughing and smiling. It’s important to get silly sometimes and laugh, construction can be a stressful business to be a part of.” Over the course of the next 4 months, the group will get together another 3 times to share lunch and more experiences, and hopefully, how they’ve developed by pushing themselves.