Project Scope:

IPS has a long standing partnership with Smucker’s, helping to provide mechanical and electrical process solutions that allow the firm to deliver the quality baking mixes, jams and jellies that have become a staple in households worldwide.

IPS was contracted to install an effluent pre-treatment facility at the Toledo plant. The project began with IPS implementing modifications to the existing process drainage system, allowing for the new facility to be incorporated into the process.

IPS self-performed all the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, controls, and equipment installation necessary to chemically treat the water as it is released from the plant. The intricate controls monitor the flow of water and optimize the use of chemicals. The pre-treatment facility separates grease and oils, aerates, and neutralizes the water. The pretreated effluent is then able to be conveyed to the city’s wastewater treatment system.


Understanding the importance of maintaining a continuous manufacturing process throughout the project, IPS worked closely with Smucker’s to develop a schedule that ensured work was completed without interruption to production.

$273,425 Total Construction
$ 216,708 Project Cost
3/2016 Completion Date
4 MONTHS Project Duration
Design build Delivery Method

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