Project Scope:

IPS was contracted by Smucker’s to build it’s the Chilly Willy project. The purpose of the project was to upgrade the conditioned and unconditioned spaces throughout the Food Processing facility. IPS installed 1200 tons of cooling with new chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handling units, storage tanks, air separators, insulation, power wiring and controls.   These upgrades increased overall productivity in the facility by bringing cooling to areas that did not have it and improved areas that were already conditioned. In addition, Smucker’s saved monies by installing energy efficient equipment on line and retired inefficient equipment.


Smucker’s was challenged with budget constraints on this project. IPS offered to the owner value engineering ideas on this project which saved the owner over 12.5% on the overall budget. IPS researched and found alternate means and methods in routing the conduit and piping throughout the plant. IPS pre-wired and pre-piped the Air Handling Units before they were set on the roof with a crane. IPS fabricated the large bore piping offsite and modularized it for a cost-effective installation. Smucker’s was so impressed with the workmanship, productivity and attention to the customer’s needs that IPS bid and was awarded a multi-year maintenance contract at this facility.

$25mil. Total Construction
$1,500,000 Project Cost
6/2013 Completion Date
6 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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