Project Scope:
IPS was contracted by Smucker’s to complete the electrical installation of a new frosting line at the North Toledo facility. IPS installed all new process power, MCC’s, lighting and controls for the new kettles, batching, packaging and conveyor systems. The new line increased capacity by 100%. Frosting is a instrinsic brand in the Smuckers family, by bringing this project in on time, Smuckers was able to continue to gain market share.

The project was on a very tight schedule with IPS personnel working two shifts six days a week to finish the project on time. IPS successfully completed over 15,000 electrical man-hours of work to be done in 90 days. The biggest challenge on the project was the stacking of trades in the area where the work needed to take place. Along with IPS electricians, there were ironworkers, sheet metal workers, pipefitters, millwrights and insulators all working amongst one another. Other contractors were challenged with getting mechanical field devices installed in the field in enough time to install pipe and wire back to the controllers. The IPS team laid out predetermined runs in the area which allowed for pre-fabrication of conduit runs before the structural steel, equipment and devices were installed.

$25mil. Total Construction
$1,538,000mil. Project Cost
3/2013 Completion Date
3 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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