Project Scope:

The Fremont, Ohio Heinz facility produces ketchup, mustard, and specialty sauces for the food market. IPS was contracted to demo and replace an obsolete building housing storage tanks. IPS performed the demolition the existing building which including power and mechanical systems. IPS relocated existing vinegar system piping and electrical feeders. IPS installed new 7 kva pad mounted transformer and 800 amp/8 volt 3 phase service to the new vinegar building and a 12 amp/ 8 volt 3 phone service to the existing building. IPS installed new acetator tank through the roof of the existing building.

IPS was contracted to Our IPS Electrical Division also completed all the electrical work for new production lines and utility equipment, and constructed new electrical panels.

The upgraded facility is now able to produce, package, and label 30% more of its product then before.  Heinz was also able to produce organic ketchup with only 100% organic ingredients, and still produce ketchup for the Canadian Market.


The magnitude of the expansion required multiple contractors working on site simultaneously.  IPS coordinated work with the other contractors and scheduled the facility shut-downs and equipment deliveries, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing work.

$159,267 Total Construction
$800,000 Project Cost
1/2015 Completion Date
4 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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