Project Scope:

Bunge transforms commodity oils and grains into quality ingredients for restaurants, bakeries, foodservice, food processor and retail markets. Bunge wanted to make a safer access to their Mac Filter unit during operation. The TSPC is a bag house unit used in their process. The bag house was modified by installing (8) quench tubes into existing ductwork. By cutting and welding on the required size flanges IPS was able to install the new quench tubes to replace the (5) existing rupture panels. The rupture panel patches were made of carbon steel. These panels were measured and pre-fabricated to match the existing radius of the TSPC. The panels were then welded into place once the shutdown window allowed and all fire risk had been eliminated. This modification allowed Bunge personnel access to perform work on the platform surrounding the TSPC during normal operation instead of limiting the access to shutdown periods. IPS self-performed the mechanical and millwright work.



IPS accommodated Bunge’s tight scheduling requests and completed work in a short 10-day shutdown operation while working in a confined space. IPS performed a multitude of various other projects within the facility during this same time frame.

N/A Total Construction
$40,000 Project Cost
5/2016 Completion Date
10 days Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

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