Project Scope:

Phase I consisted of a 1,300 square foot expansion to American Soy’s processing facility. This expansion would allow American Soy to more than quadruple their production capabilities from 4 tons up to 23 tons. IPS was responsible for the complete makeover of the whole facility as well as the installation of:

  • New high performance high pressure steam boilers
  • New high performance chillers
  • All air handling equipment
  • 500 feet of chilled water piping
  • All downstream equipment (palletizing equipment etc.)

IPS was also responsible for the development of the first Okara Dryer. This dryer enabled American Soy to turn soy bean byproduct from waste into animal feed.  Not only was this dryer a tremendous cost savings for American Soy, but it also allowed them to sell this byproduct to their consumers.

Expansion II consisted of upgrading American Soy’s 4-ton soy milk line to a 10-ton line. IPS used 100% sanitary food grade stainless steel, in addition to Tetra packaging equipment.


One of the major challenges of this project was maintaining the production process during construction. IPS was able to accomplish this task by developing a detailed schedule which integrated the owner’s production needs with that of IPS’s construction needs.

N/A Total Construction
$2.5mil. Project Cost
80,000sf Facility Size
N/A Completion Date
2-6 MONTHS Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

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