2nd Pyrolyzer Set At BME Polyflow


Out in Ashely, Indiana, the IPS EPC Team reached another major milestone at the BME Polyflow construction site, setting the 2nd pyrolyzer.  “It’s basically the heart of the entire plant and process,” said Forrest Grosteffon, IPS’ lead Project Engineer, “so I was really pleased to get it set and focus on completing out the rest of this plant for our customer.”

The team is on track and on schedule to reach substantial completion by the Spring.  Once fully constructed, the 120,000 square-foot facility will convert 100,000 tons of plastic waste into 18 million gallons of ultra-low sulfur diesel and Naphtha blend stocks and 6 million gallons of commercial grade wax every year.  The process will utilize plastics that are otherwise not easily recycled such as plastic film, flexible packing, Styrofoam, and children’s toys – waste that would have otherwise reached the end of its life cycle.

At a time when China recently started refusing American recyclables and US companies and communities are scrambling to find new buyers for their recyclables, BME’s technology promises to turn what may have otherwise ended up in our nation’s oceans, waterways, and landfills into a reusable resource.

IPS is on schedule to deliver the fully functioning plant, to BME by August 2020 – at which time the fuels are to be sold and distributed throughout the petroleum market by British Petroleum. The facility is expected to create over 180 full-time manufacturing jobs for the Ashley, Indiana community.