Critical Lift at Kraft Heinz


Wednesday, the IPS team set two new sugar silos at the Kraft Heinz Fremont facility – each 80 foot tall and 12 feet in diameter. Each silo will contain over 50,000 gallons of liquid sugar that will be used to make the famous Heinz ketchup. Prepping included excavating, installing caissons, a foundation to set the silos on, a concrete containment wall around where the silos will sit, and underground plumbing. The silos were brought in on 110 foot long custom trailers with a spread axle and had to be lifted and set into place with two cranes. Since this required two cranes (200 ton main & 50 ton tailing) it was considered a critical lift with extra safety precautions.


Fun fact about the Fremont facility – roughly 80% of Heinz Ketchup made in the United States comes from this plant. IPS is happy to have a long standing relationship with Kraft Heinz.