Project Scope:

Whitmer High School, originally built in the 1950s, needed complete replacement of the heating system and addition of a cooling system. IPS received the mechanical package prime contract and was responsible for all work including: elimination of the existing steam heat system, construction of a new boiler and chiller plant, installation of miles of new piping for hot and chilled water, and replacement of 100% of the buildings heating and cooling units. The gym, auditorium, and all classrooms received new units and a new control system was installed.

The project was originally to be constructed under a 2 ½ year project schedule. As the Prime contractor, IPS coordinated the work with the owner and other site contractors and provided an alternate schedule that cut the completion date by one year.


IPS developed a detailed plan in order to avoid disruption to ongoing school activities. For example, the first summer of construction IPS installed all of the tunnel piping, with new and existing piping running side by side. Facilities completed that summer were the Field House, Auditorium, and Industrial Arts Wing. IPS completed work in the classrooms during the first winter. With the piping in the tunnels having been completed the summer before, it allowed for each classroom to be finished within 2 days, helping avoid any interruptions during the school day.

$11mil. Total Construction
$6.2mil. Project Cost
271,050SF Facility Size
10/2014 Completion Date
18 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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