Project Scope:

In 2010, The University of Toledo began a project to renovate Carter Hall, a 337-bed residence hall originally built in 1964.

IPS was hired to complete construction of the building’s HVAC systems and to upgrade the existing dorm rooms with the installation of 300 new air conditioning units along with all new piping, electrical, and controls.  New chillers were also installed.

IPS carefully constructed and installed the pipe running along the dormitory hallways and installed new coils in the existing air handler units.  Each of the over 300 air handler units required custom fitting and mounting into each dorm room, with new drains installed for each.

With the new air conditioning units being installed separately in each dorm room, UT students had the capability to digitally control room temperature.  This, along with the addition of new chillers, allowed IP to be more energy efficient.


The project required fast-track scheduling in order to ensure the dorms were ready for occupancy by the start of the 2010 school year.  Multiple trades were scheduled to complete work concurrently throughout the facility.  IPS coordinated work with other trade contractors in order to avoid any interference.

$1.9mil. Total Construction
$1.9mil. Project Cost
104,000SF Facility Size
10/2010 Completion Date
6 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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