Project Scope:

This project was part of the complete remodel of an old campus dormitory/classroom building. IPS elected to bid only the tunnel mechanical piping bid package, which involved total replacement of all mechanical piping and equipment that served the complete heating/cooling systems for this building.

IPS participated in 3-dimensional coordination with all other tunnel trades such as fire protection, electrical, and plumbing. IPS replaced every pipe of every system that ran throughout the underground tunnel. This included hot water, chilled water, compressed air, steam, natural gas, and condensate piping.


The most challenging aspect of this project involved working on over 1500’ of 5’ x 5’ underground tunnels to install over 6000’ of piping. Due to the extensive low overhead tunnel work, the safety manager conducted daily stretching exercises with crews working onsite. Hole watch was necessary to track all personnel in and out of the tunnel to ensure no person was left unattended or unaccounted for during their shift.

IPS installed the new tunnel mechanical systems under an accelerated schedule in order to provide temporary heating for construction during winter months. The schedule also required completion of work prior to the 2015 school year. IPS finished on time and with zero safety incidents.

$115mil. Total Construction
$4.7mil. Project Cost
370,000SF Facility Size
6/2015 Completion Date
6 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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