Project Scope:

IPS was responsible for installation of all utilities during construction of the North Campus Laboratories, which included both under and above-ground phases.

Underground work involved installation of all sanitary, storm, acid waste, and RO systems.  IPS installed 1,100 lf of pre-insulated glass piping to accommodate the acid waste system.

The aboveground phase consisted of all plumbing, HVAC and laboratory work. IPS installed above ground hot water piping, chilled water piping, acid waste, RO systems, domestic water, specialty gases, laboratory equipment and fixtures.


Installation of the building utilities required working in very tight areas with other contractors above the ceiling and casework rough-ins for the plumbing. In order to accommodate all trades working in the facility, IPS developed a work coordination plan for phasing the installation of ductwork, heating systems, chilled water systems, and plumbing systems. This helped the project to remain on schedule while avoiding any conflict with other trades working in the area.

$12mil. Total Construction
$1.4mil. Project Cost
13,000SF Facility Size
2002 Completion Date
11 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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