Project Scope:

IPS was responsible for the installation of the Mechanical and HVAC systems for the new high school. The following equipment was installed by IPS: (2) 7,000 MBH Boilers, (2) 400-ton Chillers, (13) Indoor Air Handling Units, (4) Computer Room A/C Units, (200) Terminal Units, (6) End Suction Pumps, (15) Inline Circulation Pumps, Unit Heaters and Cabinet Unit Heaters.

The new school is a new building, grades 9-12 that will replace the existing building on the same site. The 225,654 square foot school will have a capacity of 874 and 176 Career Tech students. The old Rogers school was demolished and the area will be converted into parking, athletic field or other campus use. This project was completed in February of 2008.



IPS worked with school officials to ensure this aggressive timeline was met and all mechanical and HVAC systems were fully functioning.

$35mil. Total Construction
$5mil. Project Cost
225,654SF Facility Size
2/2008 Completion Date
24 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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