Project Scope:

In 2002 Toledo Public Schools began a $650 million, multi-year program to renovate or rebuild 40 school buildings. Pickett Academy was the final building to be constructed as part of this program.

IPS was contracted to provide installation of the complete mechanical systems at the school including HVAC, fire protection, utility piping, and project controls. IPS procured and installed boilers, chillers, pumps, air handling units, roof top units, and exhaust fans. Additional services provided by IPS include: testing and balancing, chemical treatments, and temporary heating during winter months.


The project required fast-track scheduling in order to ensure the facility was fully operational by the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Multiple trades were scheduled to complete work concurrently throughout the facility. IPS coordinated work with other trade contractors in order to avoid any interference or equipment relocation that might be caused by overlapping work areas.

$7.5mil. Total Construction
$1.1mil. Project Cost
75,000SF Facility Size
4/2012 Completion Date
9 MONTHS Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

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