Project Scope:

Kreischer Quad is a residential facility hosting four connected dormitories on the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) campus.  In 2010, BGSU began a project to upgrade the mechanical and electrical systems residence halls in the Kreischer Quad.

IPS furnished and installed all new air handler coils, motors, and piping in multiple locations within the quad. IPS was also responsible for equipment purchasing, damper/sheet metal installation, wall demolition, insulation, balancing, duct cleaning, roofing, painting, and temperature controls.

The work resulted in a more energy efficient facility due to the new piping and duct work that allows for better air flow and ventilation.


All upgrades were done during the school year, and IPS took great consideration to make safety a top priority. Access to the mechanical rooms was occasionally limited due to the small access doors. This, in return, made equipment installation difficult.

Shut down of the existing HVAC systems had to be kept to a minimum due to the building’s current occupancy. Even with these minor challenges, IPS was able to complete the project on time.

$3.5mil. Total Construction
$545k Project Cost
55,000SF Facility Size
12/2010 Completion Date
10 MONTHS Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

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