Project Scope:

Bowling Green State University selected IPS as the Construction Manager at Risk for the Centrex Electrical Load Center Project. This project is part of an ongoing campus electrical modernization program. The program includes elimination of two (2) Electrical Load Centers and the conversion of key campus buildings from 4.16kV power delivery to 12.47kV power delivery serving the east campus area and central academic core. The removal of the 4.16kV load centers will upgrade the electrical distribution feeders and transformers to nine (9) key academic, residence life, and athletic buildings, and will allow Harshman Residence Hall to be demolished as planned for and described per the Campus Master Plan.

This project consists of converting primary electrical feeders from 4.16kV to 12.47kV for (1) Fine Arts Building (2 feeds), (2) Mileti Alumni Center, (3) Kreischer Quadrangle, (4) Ice Arena, (5) Perry Stadium, (6) Business Administration, (7) Olscamp Hall, (8) Education and (9) Memorial Hall. Upon completing the conversions. IPS removed the existing 4.16kV load centers located in Ice Arena and Perry Stadium.

In addition IPS, re-fed Conklin Hall from a different switch, and provided new feeds from existing and new building transformers. Primary switches to serve new, more energy-efficient building transformers.

IPS and the design firm were selected at the same time, so they could work closely with Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews. This collaboration paid huge dividends saving BGSU over $2 million dollars from their initial budget. This savings is now being used to fund additional infrastructure projects throughout the BGSU campus.

$6.2mil. Total Construction
$6mil. Project Cost
30,000SF Facility Size
8/2017 Completion Date
9 Project Duration
CM at Risk Delivery Method

Project Scope:

IPS was contracted by BGSU for this Central Heat Plant to Shatzel Hall Tunnel Restoration project. This included the replacement of the deteriorated Heat Plant Tunnel tunnel top below Thurstin Street and tunnel vault wall, pipe anchoring, and top where the secondary backup steam line enters the tunnel as it turns to the east under the parking lot heading towards Shatzel Hall, replacement of several deteriorated pipe rack supports in various locations throughout the entire tunnel, removal and replacement of up to five tunnel top expansion joints, insulating the pumped and high pressure condensate lines, plus installation of new LED lights and tunnel ventilation kiosks, etc. The utilities were contained within the tunnel system. The high pressure steam and the condensate lines were active during the construction of the tunnel renovation. IPS protected the piping located under Thurstin Ave during the replacement of the tunnel top and the walls in this area when the tunnel top was removed. IPS secured this area from accidental entry with proper protection (i.e. fencing, barricades, and signage) for the duration of the tunnel top replacement.


IPS dealt with the water infiltration and uninsulated piping issues before making any repairs to the tunnel structures. IPS replaced the section of the Heating Plant Tunnel for the portion under Thurstin Street. This tunnel top replacement required the removal of the roadway surface and the subbase located over the tunnel. This work was planned to be done for half of the tunnel at time to limit the disruption to traffic flow and locations and waterproofing to prevent future water infiltration from occurring.

8/2018 Delivery Method
N/A Delivery Method
Bid Build Delivery Method
$938,800 Total Construction
$ 901,000 Project Cost
8/2018 Completion Date
N/A Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

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