Project Scope:

Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) is a joint venture comprised of DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi Motors. Their goal is to manufacture a new family of cost-efficient, in-line, four-cylinder engines that will meet and beat the best engines in the world. Their partnership leverages the extensive resources of the three companies to create and use best-practice manufacturing processes, advanced automation, and leading-edge technology. IPS was responsible for five key areas of the project. They installed Building Utility Piping, Process Equipment Packages and worked on the Energy Center, Material Storage Building, Waste Treatment Building and Tank Farm.

IPS installed potable and non-potable water, chilled water, compressed air, lube oil, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, turbo oil, washer fluid, natural gas, coolant, industrial waste and storm/sanitary piping. At the Material Storage Building, IPS self-performed all plumbing, HVAC, process piping, ductwork, power and process controls work and set four TMI custom air handling units.

N/A Total Construction
$12.8mil. Project Cost
4/2013 Completion Date
10 MONTHS Project Duration
Design bid build Delivery Method

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