Project Scope:

Sunoco Logistics Partners LP provides storage and distribution services for refiners and other large transporters of petroleum products. In 2014, the firm announced plans to add 160 miles of underground pipeline in Ohio and Pennsylvania in order to deliver petroleum from expanding production areas and refineries to markets where demand exists.  Sunoco Logistics contracted IPS to provide a power distribution solution to fit the needs of the expanded system.

IPS self-performed all electrical and civil work to construct the substation.  Work on this 69kv-4.16 kv, 3-Phase substation included installation of a 69 kv/7000 kva 3-phase transformer, all wiring, transformer containment, ground grid, structural steel, fusing, lighting, arrestors, and civil work.


During the project, IPS worked closely with Edison to schedule the high voltage tie-ins. Engineering discrepancies were handled through the RFI process. IPS completed the project on time and within budget

$5.68MIL. Total Construction
$710K Project Cost
10 Acres Facility Size
6/2015 Completion Date
18 MONTHS Project Duration
Bid Build Delivery Method

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