Project Scope:

The Owens Corning World HQ data center houses digital equipment and microprocessors that carry out millions of operations per second. Any disturbance in the electrical supply lasting even a fraction of a second can affect millions of operations, which is why many loads require protection in the form of an Uninterruptable Power System (UPS). The firm’s vintage (1990) UPS was in desperate need of replacement in order to meet current data center design criteria.

IPS provided Owens Corning with an updated UPS and battery system, including all switches, boards, racks, and transformers. IPS replaced all below-floor electrical distribution to server racks with an overhead busway in order to improve underfloor air flow for server cooling.  The existing UPS room, mail room, and battery rooms were reconfigured for a future redundant UPS system.

The updated UPS is equipped with the latest battery technology, providing increased reliability.  The overhead busway provides for easier server moves, additions, and changes. Changes can be done “hot,” thus eliminating shutdowns.


In order to reconfigure the space, IPS needed to install the UPS, and all associated equipment including 1400’ of 3-inch conduit in one-half of a 30’ x 30’ operating room.  An additional 400’ of busway and 900’ of 2-inch conduit was installed in the data center.

$1Mil. Project Cost
3/2016 Completion Date
18 Project Duration
bid build Delivery Method

Project Scope:

IPS built and owns 1 MW solar array located at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant. IPS sells 100% of the power produced at the facility to the water treatment plant. The facility was constructed as part of a public/private partnership to provide the water treatment plant with renewable energy over the next 25 years. The project also cuts down on electricity costs considerably for the City of Toledo.

IPS planned, financed and built the facility. During construction, IPS managed the engineering and procurement of the facility. IPS subcontracted the civil and structural components as well and self-performed the electrical work.


This was a fast track construction phase that was completed in 3 months in order to begin production at a time of high energy demand. Construction was impeded by an unusually wet spring, but the facility was completed on time and on budget.

8/2011 Delivery Method
9 Delivery Method
EPC Delivery Method
$5MIL. Total Construction
$5MIL. Project Cost
8/2011 Completion Date
9 Project Duration
EPC Delivery Method

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