To see our commercial and institutional prowess, one doesn’t need to look much further than our historic headquarters where we fully renovated the 100 year-old, 27,000-square-foot Ford Club in 2017 to be our corporate offices.  In fact, touring our facility allows our visitors to see firsthand the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over our 35 year history as well as our attention to detail which sets us apart from other design-build contractors.

We have executed projects in a variety of institutional settings including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, central utility buildings, campus dorms, health care centers, and laboratories.  While other design-build contractors will hire other contractors to perform their work, IPS has the capabilities to self-perform all assets of commercial and institutional design-build construction from the foundation to the roof-top units and everything in between.

Have a challenging design concept at an existing facility?

With advanced 3D scanning and BIM technology, the IPS design team can flawlessly merge any existing institutional space or system with a value-adding upgrade, rebuild, or addition.  IPS is determined to turn your conception into a reality – all with minimal impact to the continuing needs and demands of your institution.  See our Scanning and Modeling page for more information.


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